Welcome to Gimp ‘Tude!

Welcome to Gimp ‘Tude!

This is currently a one woman operation based in the northeast of North America. For the most part, the posts will be US-centric, but I do hope to have some guest posts that are from people with disabilities and/or mental illness from around the world.

Guest Posting Rules

1.  Your post must relate to disabilities and/or mental illnesses

2. If your post is in another language besides English, you must provide an English translation.

3.  Please keep your posts thoughtful and do not be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. It is more than okay to explore how things like racism, sexism, and others intersect with being disabled/mentally ill.

Every guest post will be clearly stated as such, along with any other extra information that the guest author would like included in their post.

Please send your essays to sasha(dot)smithy(at)yahoo(dot)com. If your essay is chosen, you will be emailed back to let you know.

Can I send anything else besides essays?

Of course! You may send essays, short stories, creative works, anecdotal experiences, and more. If you are not certain about anything, feel free to ask. Please keep in mind your copyright laws if you are planning on publishing any of the material anywhere else. We will not lay claim to any posts made by guest posters, and you are certainly allowed to double post in other places.

What about photos? Can I submit them?

If the photos relate to disability and/or mental illness AND you have the rights to use the pictures, then you may do so. If you only have one or two that you would like to share, we will take them and try to add them into a larger collection (with your permission and with credit to you of course).

My essay is very short/very long. Is that okay?

Here at Gimp ‘Tude, we like to focus on the quality, not the quantity. However if you find your essay running over ten pages long, please think about shortening it. If we really like your essay and would prefer more or less, we will email you back with a suggestion to make it shorter or longer.

I’m not disabled or mentally ill, but I would like to guest post. Can I?

So long as it relates to disability and/or mental illness, you may. HOWEVER, you must remember that you are coming from an able-bodied and neurotypical privileged perspective, and your post may not make it through due to inherent ableism.

I found an article but can’t/won’t/don’t want to comment or discuss it. Will you write about it?

Perhaps. It depends on what it is. But feel free to send articles to sasha.smithy@yahoo.com if you would like them featured at Gimp ‘Tude.

I thought you were a one woman operation? Why are you using we?

We at Gimp ‘Tude feel that “I” feels somewhat unprofessional. We also would like this to have a community feel to it.

I don’t agree with what you said.

You may discuss/critique articles in the comments section.

But my comment never showed up!

Comments will be moderated. If a comment is inflammatory, derogatory, ableist, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc it will not make it through the queue.

If you have any questions about anything, ALWAYS feel free to ask either in the comments or at sasha.smithy@yahoo.com

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