Store #2

I’m rather particular about where I go grocery shopping. Some people find it odd, but I have very good reasons for shopping where I do. There are three possible options, not including outrageously expensive organic grocery stores or unbelievably far away grocery store. Grocery store #1 is a big giant supercenter. There’s almost everything I need and for a pretty cheap price. Grocery store #2 has everything I need except for certain vegetables here and there but it’s a bit more expensive than grocery store #1. Grocery store #3? Well, that store just sucks in general. The prices are expensive, nothing’s labeled, and there’s not even a gluten-free section (I eat a gluten and dairy free diet).

Logic dictates that I should go to store #1 and just stock up on the few things I don’t have. After all, it would save money. But here’s the thing. The majority of the time, about 95% of the time, I pick store #2.

The thing about store #2 is that I feel much more like a human being there. There is significantly less gawking and less ‘you poor dear, do you need help with that, you’re so inspirational.’ There is more accessible parking available and more ability to shop without constant interruption. The cashiers ask if I need help out to my car and are polite enough when I tell them no. There is no hounding, no ‘are you really sure?’, remarks.

There’s less staring at me when I get out of my car. There’s less glaring when they see me pull into a parking spot (a young person in a teeny bright yellow car obviously can’t be a gimp!). Oh, and the parking lot is set up so that the accessible spots are right in front of the door.

Store #1? Not so much. It’s big. I’m constantly interrupted; I’ve been pulled aside for a zillion conversations that often begin with ‘I know someone in a chair/disabled/who hurt themselves skiing once’. When I tell people I don’t need help, they often try to force the issue, which quickly becomes uncomfortable and nerve-wracking. There is rarely any parking, and if there is, I still have to play the game of ‘Don’t Get Hit By the Car’ because the parking isn’t by the door. And there is gawking. There is gawking up the wazoo. I think monkeys get watched less in a zoo than that store.

I really like store #2. I just wish I didn’t have to pay extra to grocery shop like everyone else.

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