Well, They’re Supposed To

It was a clean, well-organized, and roomy dressing room. There weren’t piles of clothes on the bench, there weren’t an obscene number of chairs thrown haphazardly into the room, and there were no racks of clothes shoved inside. No. This room was clean, large, and complete with a three-way mirror. And the hooks to hang clothes were even at a proper level.

I felt that I had to say something. I really didn’t have to say anything. People actually did things right and legal for once. But it seemed like so much more. It seemed like the people designing the handicap fitting room actually thought that disabled people might like to be able to hang our clothes up instead of throwing them on the floor, that they actually thought that we might like to see our outfits properly in the mirror, and that they actually thought we might like room to actually move around instead of just barely squeezing in.

I tend to rush in fitting rooms nowadays. The cramped quarters tend to make me uncomfortable and it’s often difficult to check myself out in the mirrors that are often placed either too high up or in an inaccessible location (I still haven’t quite figured out the reasoning for most mirror placements in handicap rooms). In the end, I end up buying clothes that I think might look good on me but I’m never certain until I can find a proper mirror to check it out.

So for once, I took my time while trying on clothes and had fun while checking out how I looked from all angles. Why yes, I do care about my appearance. No, the chair doesn’t detract from that. Heck, I find my chair gorgeous.

And when I was done, I went up to the pleasant woman and said, “The dressing room’s really great. It’s really nice to be able to reach the hooks and everything.”

And she looked at me kind of funny and said, “Well it’s a handicap room, they’re supposed to have things lowered.”

“I know, but they usually don’t in a lot of places,” I told her.

“Well, they’re supposed to,” she said adamantly.

I grabbed the pile of clothes that I knew fitted me well and left with a smile.

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