100 Great Gimp Moments (#3)

Guess what!

June 5th, at 10PM(EST) on the Sundance channel, the premiere of Push Girls will air!

I am so ridiculously excited for this show.

Four girls in wheelchairs. Finally, it’s about time us women get some more attention! Not all disabled people are guys. Not that I don’t like Dr. House and Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin.

Four SEXY girls in wheelchairs. For me, this is a big one. I know that there’s a bit of debate over what’s sexy and what’s not and how much weight someone should put on beauty, if any, but since there’s an eerily strongheld belief that people in wheelchairs can’t be hot or sexualized, I am all for it.

One of the four sexy girls also dates men AND women. As a queer woman wheelchair user, this is the first time I get to see anyone even somewhat resembling myself on TV.

This is very obviously not a ‘poor pity the crippled’ show. It is so nice to know that right off the bat. I love that the girls are shown going to bars, struggling over curbs, hip-hop dancing, modeling, having kids, etc.

I’m a bit hesitant on some of the language used, ‘inspiring’ and ‘overcoming adversity’ just because it’s so heavily used when people talk about disabled people doing unbelievably ordinary things like grocery shopping. I’m also a little disappointed that three of the girls are paraplegic, one a quadriplegic, but that there’s no one whose disabled and uses a chair from something other than a spinal cord injury. People have such a hard time realizing that not everyone who uses a chair as an SCI and it would have been amazing if that could be pointed out.

But still, this is super exciting. I’m crossing my fingers that Push Girls will be on hulu or Amazon Instant as I have no cable!

And then I just found out today that the Push Girls stars will be at the New York Metro Abilities Expo in New Jersey! While finding that out, I found a clip where an interviewer asked one of the girls if she ever had difficulty. And the girl said, “You mean with walking? No. Walking’s overrated.”

Heck yeah, walking’s overrated.

I cannot wait for this show!

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4 Responses to 100 Great Gimp Moments (#3)

  1. The hostess said something like “confined in a wheelchair” in the beginning. I thought it was somewhat annoying. For example I am confined to my house, now that my wheelchair is broken. Wheelchair liberates me. And I am too a bit dissappointed that they put only people with spinal cord injuries. And yes, props for adding a bisexual in the mix!

  2. Fabricio says:

    Hell I’ve had liberals call me a chckheniawk for not serving in the military when they know damn well I have CP. I’ve had those same liberals tell me I shouldn’t be able to own a gun because of my shaking disease. Just more proof that the bigotry and abject ignorance of anti-gunners extends far beyond just guns.

  3. Rikiya says:

    not be mean but thats just rude, i mean like common they are just regluar people they just have disablity , the answer is obvious just treat them like regluar people

  4. Nerissa Bonagurio says:

    i always watch house md because the story line is great and you learn something about medicine too. –

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